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We are the "firemen" of the world of business software.  You need help, and you need it now.  We specialize in using the Rapid Application Development  (RAD) and Agile Programming (AG) capabilities of Microsoft Office, plus our own extensive, time-tested custom applications and tools, to deliver what you need - FAST!

Services for Businesses:
  These are our most popular services, but your imagination is the real limit!

Get Visibility to Your Data:  Did your company recently migrate to a big, expensive, enterprise database system and didn't bother to buy the reporting package that came with it?  Did you use to have 37 reports under the old system, but now you have only three, and can't get the data you need to do your job?  Sadly, many others have already suffered the experience - but found a solution in VBA!  Data Analysis and Report Publishing Applications (DARPA) are vital to every manager and executive in any organization, and we have come to the rescue of many.  Our VBA applications can link to and process just about any data source - from the high and mighty Oracle and IBM Universal DB2 behemoths to text files, XML, and even web pages.  We can provide report packages having both "canned" reports AND "ad-hoc" query building and processing.  (Imagine... BUILD YOUR OWN WHEN YOU NEED IT!)  Publish your data to PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, email messages, or even web pages - just about any common format - as well as a few free but not-so-common ones!

Conversion of Excel Applications to Access/SQL Server Applications:  Get permanent relief from the horrors of trying to constantly maintain and modify complex spreadsheet applications.  All those headaches you're getting from trying to deal with range size changes, formula propagations, and external file linkages disappear like magic - freeing your time - and your mind - for better things!

Project Takeover:  Perhaps you or a coworker have reached your limit of expertise in Office Application development and need immediate assistance from a professional to get you over that hump, or finish that urgent project that you've started - and promised your boss.  We have the experience, expertise, and tools to pickup where you left off and carry on while easily adding features and capabilities that would have taken you weeks of research and testing to include!

Ground-Up Database Application Design & Deployment:  Not interested in trying your hand at amateur programming?  Lost your desire to try and "isolate semantically related multiple relationships"?  (Hint - it has nothing to do with the opposite sex.)  Let us handle the science for you.  Just explain, as best you can, what the problem is - or just throw an Excel spreadsheet application at us and say "fix it!" - and we'll take it from there.  We'll develop your solutions using our proven RAD and AG methods and technologies.  This means you can see results quickly as we release each component for your use as we develop them, and we use self-documenting programming methods so that any developer can come in behind us and easily read and understand the code and what the application does.  Don't worry about having to go out and buy "Microsoft Office" software for all your employees. Our custom applications can be as simple as an Access file run by a single user on their own computer, or an easily installable, secure, full-blown suite of applications that doesn't require a Microsoft Office license, and can run on a computer or server over a LAN or WAN!  VBA applications have the distinct advantage of being able to "tie-in" to many other applications you may have - JD Edwards One World, Microsoft Dynamics, predictive dialers, fax servers, special printers, operating systems, etc.  Combine this with any of the available remote computer access methods and Citrix-like application delivery systems - some can even turn a desktop machine running Vista or XP into a remote access point that provides a 10 user license for as little as $200, or an unlimited number of users for $600 - and you get an easily customizable, maintainable, and near-enterprise level data solution that's hard to beat!

Application Prototyping and Migration:  Before trying to talk your iT department into spending big time and money researching and constructing that critical application that you needed yesterday, use MS Office and Access to quickly construct a working model.   Office and Access are superb application modeling and documentation platforms - great for developing proof-of-concept prototypes!  Get the benefits of having an operational application that you can see and feel while it is being built - BEFORE your iT department gets their hands on it.

Data Upload Tools:  Tired of entering data by hand?  Wish there was an easier, faster, less error prone method of getting all that data in all those spreadsheets uploaded into your enterprise database system?  MS Office and VBA are outstanding tools for automating the data selection, formatting, and creation of the upload files that these systems just seem to have to have done their way... or, you can continue to spend nights and weekends playing data entry clerk.

MS Office/VBA Support for Your iT Department:  Wish your iT Department supported MS Office development?  Unfortunately, too many iT people have had rough experiences trying to create a spreadsheet or simple Word document.  We take the guesswork out of what your iT department needs to successfully support MS Office and VBA development for your company.  

Oh Yes!...  As usual, YOU are the owner of your application and the code.  We will never market your custom solution to any of your competitors, and we stand behind our own products.  We service what we sell.

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