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Our products catalog is still under construction.  The items listed below, as well as many others, will be available soon.  If you see an item posted below that you might be interested in before it becomes available on this page, please submit a request for more information and we will be glad to provide it.
Products for Software Developers: 

Instructional PDFs:

Learn how to create a query that performs an auto-fill process:
Create An Access Auto-Fill Query Process

Products for Businesses:
  If you see something that peaks your interest, drop us a line and we'll be glad to answer your questions and put you you on our notification list.  Be the first to get your hands on these products that developers have been asking for!

Application Shell (
Almost here!):
When you decide to create an Access app for others to use, you suddenly have a lot of "plumbing" to handle security, clean-up and presentation.  Things like user security, logging on, 

Simplified Access Deployment Wizard (coming soon):
A professional Microsoft Access/VBA application for creating a deployment system for simple Access databases over a network.   Just simply walk through the easy to follow steps and the program creates the package - complete with any degree of security - including a shortcut that opens the Access file in run-time mode!  Simply email the installation link to a user on your local network and the installation process takes care of the rest!

More To Come!






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